Kloe is 4 years old and the middle child. She is defiantly different from Caidan. Kloe is beautiful in more ways than just her appearance. She wants to always be with us. Kloe is very dependant... while she likes to do somethings herself she would much rather have us do it for her. Yet the older she gets the more I see her becoming independent on her time. Which brings me to Kloe time. She moves at the speed of a turtle. While I have a very fast pace most of the time Kloe is very slow. But she enjoys life and she enjoys every minute of it.

Kloe is love. She loves every person she come in contact with. And she is not afraid to be her. I just pray that she never loses this quality as she gets older. She is very smart and loves to learn. She may not get that from Dad and I but Kloe will be a great student net year in Kindergarten.