Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday letter to Kynlee

She might not be able to read this, but one day I hope that I will be able to show all my kids there birthday letters I have written them.

Kynlee Elaine,

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to have you in our lives. You have been a breath of fresh air,  a burst of color and joy that I can't even explain. When I was pregnant with you I was so in love with you and I hadn't even met you... when you came into this world my world was filled with so much love for you it was crazy. Yes the first couple months were tricking trying to figure out your issues with reflux, but once we figured it out everything since then has been AMAZING.

You are one of the happiest babies in the world. I know you have your moments... but your human and I wouldn't expect anything else. You have been so different from your brother and sister that at times I am feel like I am a new parent all over again.

Now that you are 1 it is amazing to see how far you have come. You are walking and enjoying your brother and sister so much. I hope that the love I see you have for them will always be there. I hope that the 3 of you will always stick up and hang on to each other. Remember that through everything family will always be your constant.

I am so glad that God allowed your dad and I to parent you. I am so glad that he brought you into our lives. Life without Kynlee would not be the same.

I pray that as you grow you find your dreams. I pray that you find how much God loves you. I pray that you don't let anyone tell you who you are or who you aren't. I pray that you stand up for who you are and what you believe. I pray that you become a woman who goes for what she wants and doesn't hold back on life. I pray that you know that your Dad and I will always be for you. We will be with you always. Know that we love you with all our hearts.


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