Thursday, July 22, 2010

Every Mommy Has

Lets just face it we as mommies are addicted too crave something. We need something to keep us going or lift us up at those times that seem the day may never ever end. We are addicted too crave caffine, food, chocolate, Mickey D's Sweet Tea, snickers ice cream bar, or just plain ice cream or a certain show that has cough cough: McDreamy :cough cough a certian somebody in it. But I have to say my addiction right now is.......
See I bought this bag along with 3 others a very long time ago. Tonight I remembered I had them but I had NO IDEA where they went. So I went on a treasure hunt. I guess I won because I found them! They are super-licious so delicious in my tummy! (and it only has 240 calories for the whole bag! haha!- good thing I'm not watching my calories!)

And that nose in the picture would be Mason....
I think he thinks I might give him one if he gives me that puppy dog face! But that would be a no go... that bag is ALL mine!

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