Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kynlee Elaine Ronning

Kynlee Elaine Ronning
6lbs 13oz 19inces

Even though we had a planned c-section she had to come on her own time just like the other two a little more than 2 weeks early. I had been having contractions all night. Chris went to sleep and I stayed awake. I decided to take a shower to see if that would help but it didn't help. After about an hour after showering they seemed to have calmed down (not stopped) but calmed enough for me to get a little sleep. The kids woke and I was still having them so we decided to go to the hospital. We packed the kids up and left. 

We got to the hospital and got all checked in... you know the whole nine yards.  My cervix was still shut. but I was contracting a lot. They started me on fluids to see if that would help... but it didn't help. If anything it made them worse. They called my OB who in my opinion was just wasting time until he got done with his patients. They then tried to give me 3 shots to stop my contractions. They did work for about twenty minutes and then the contractions started up again. At this point there was some change in my cervix. 

When my OB finally arrived he was prepared to go ahead with a csection. He didn't want to send my home and keep contracting and something happen with my previous c-section scars.  I was more than prepared to have her. So not to long after than I walked into the O.R. and was being prepared for my c-section. 

Sometime around I think it was 7:23, I remember looking at her as they were checking her out and thinking "she looks just like Caidan." She had dark brown hair. And I was already in love. She was my longest pregnancy and my smallest baby but man oh man did she steal my heart from the second she was born. 

I can't tell you how much I feel in love with her. I love my other two kids so very very much but the bond I have with Kynlee is just very different from the other two. 

Kynlee Elaine Ronning-
I can't wait to see you grow up and see all that God has for you. I hope you know that you have some big shoes to fill with being named after both your great-grandmas. You might never get the chance to meet one of them but know that she would have loved you SO much. And she would have told you how cute you are and given you tons of kisses. One day I will tell you anything you want to know about her. And I am sure daddy will tell you stories about Gammy. 
I have to apoligize now for all the noises that our house brings... but it is our family. Your brother and sister already love you A WHOLE bunch and I am sure that you will learn to love them too! :)

I am beyond blessed that God entrusted daddy and I to raise you. And I am so thankful that we get to be your parents. We love you more than I could ever tell you. 

Your Mom.

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