Monday, March 14, 2011

Purex Complete Crystal Softener Review

You might want to read all the way through to see what you don't want to miss!

A couple weeks ago I received a sample for the the new Purex Complete Crystal Softner. When I received the sample it came in a little bottle and reminded me of bath salts. And I thought, "this is a softner?" I was skeptical to say the least. But let me tell this product is AMAZING! 

What is it? How is it used? How it works? Why it's different?
         It is 92% natural fabric softner in crystal form. Most traditional softners are oil-based which leave a nice oily feel to your clothes. Because of the crystal form it infuses fibers with long lasting fragrance. It is also added directly to the washer when you put the laundry detergent in so no waiting for the rinse cycle and NO stains on your clothes from spilling liquid fabric softener. It is safe for all laundry, baby clothes, work out clothes, towels and whites. It also comes in three different scents, Fresh Spring Waters TM, Lavender Blossom TM, and Tropical Splash. TM. It ranges in price anywhere from $3.99- $5.99 depending on where you live and is available in most grocery stores, drug stores and mass retailers.

I thought at first this softener was pretty strong out of the bottle but after washing and drying the clothes the scent does fade somewhat so it isn't as strong. You also add more than I thought was enough. I kept pouring till it was done and I was AMAZED at the amount (in a good way). My FAVORITE thing about this softener was the way it left my clothes feeling. I did not know that most fabric softeners were oil based. And after washing and drying the clothes I felt the difference. The clothes I washed in the Purex Complete Crystal softener were so soft and OH MY GOODNESS the towels were even softer. I don't like hard scratchy towels... I mean who really wants to dry off with something that feels like sandpaper? But this was not sand paper it felt like a babie bottom. Then I folded some clothes that hadn't been washed in it and I could feel that oily feel they were talking about. I was SOLD! S-O-L-D! (okay I was sold when my towels felt like a babies bottom!) Seriously everyone should try this.

Stay tuned for a giveaway coming soon on this very product!!! You will not want to miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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