Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Being Thankful Through It All

I am not sure if I mentioned how very difficult, lately it is for me to be thankful for the every day things in life. Really even the small tiny things. The normal every day things. So you can imagine how hard it would be to be thankful for out of the other things.

Everyone thinks this little girl is cute and quiet and sweet...

while she might be cute she does have her moments.... that aren't too Kynlee like. And they are in the middle of trying to get the older two read too and in bed. I guess I could think "I am thankful that my children are healthy and well enough to be at home..." My thoughts immediately think when is this child going to go to bed.   

I wish that I could be thankful for all these rough times. And maybe I am, maybe I just don't see it now, maybe one day I will.

As I was changing loads of laundry tonight I was trying to think of something that I was thankful for. I am most defiantly thankful for my kids but I just don't want to say I am thankful that they are my kids. I started to think of each one of them and then i realized something. I wish I acted/thought more like a child. I wish that no matter what I could forgive and love someone. How many times a day do I get mad or yell at my kids? How many time do I not listen to them through out the day? How many times do they come up to me just out of the blue and tell me "I love you mom"? And how many times to I reciprocate those..... not as often as I should!

November 6th-
I am thankful today for my kids. For them being able to teach me that no matter what a person does that you should love them and forgive them. I am thankful that my kids can love me regardless of my action or lack of actions.

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