Monday, December 3, 2012

Old Navy Dress Review

I got the chance to try and sample some of the dresses from Old Navy with Crowdtap. I was super excited about this since I have wanted a new dress- you know a causal dress to wear anytime, not a fancy dress for special occasions. Just a casual no special reason dress... (even though I am sure if anyone saw me in a dress they would think it would be for a reason since I don't wear dresses EVER!)

 I took some pictures while trying on dresses, so here are a few things to remember....1) It is the winter months so that explains the lack of color, 2) The mirrors and lighting in the dressing room are just horrible for taking pictures, 3) I had just gotten to my parents after driving 6 hours in the car by myself with 3 kids 5 and under! :) So now that I got that out of the way here are the dresses......

I actually tried on two other dresses but was so excited I forgot to take pictures... so you will just have to picture them. One was a wrap dress that Sara insisted I try on.... even though I knew that style was going to be bad! And it was very bad! And the other one I don't even remember so I guess it was that bad too. 

But here is my one BIG problem... so I wouldn't say I am a small girl... more average and I would say that God has given me plenty in the "girls" department (if you know what I mean)... so I was so annoyed that when I tried on the wrap dress (not pictured) and the green dress that it did this in the chest area (see pic below!)
Now I kind of moved the dress around so I wasn't showing my bra (too much) but if I would have worn it how it looked like I was supposed to wear it half my bra was showing. See the shoulder area I pulled up so really the part that is supposed to be on my shoulder is going down my back. if that makes any sense. 

This purple is my favorite one. I just love love love it! I want to find a cute denim or maybe another type jacket to go with it. 

All in all it was an okay time. There weren't many dress to choose from to begin with and then only one looked decant and fit me correctly. They also didn't have my size in a few that I wanted to try on either so that was annoying. I like dresses just not convinced that they like me back. :) 

disclourser: I did receive a dress from Old Navy for this sampling but the opinions of the sampling and dresses are my own.  

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