Friday, January 25, 2013

All Hell breaks loose at 3:30pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.... I love those days I do, but hate those days too! I absolutely hate 3:30pm too! 3:30 is when we have to pick Caidan up from school. And it seems that they all GO crazy for something at that time. I am hungry! Can I watch TV? Caidan is looking at me! Kloe is bothering me! Kynlee is following me! I am scared of that show! Why do I have to put my coat up? Why do I have to put my shoes away? (and insert whining with all those questions!)

I am really not sure what it is. For Caidan I really do believe he needs down time and food when he gets home since the last time he ate during the day was lunch at 11:10. Normally after he eats he is MUCH more tolerable. I can't explain why Kloe is this way as she is like that all the time. Kynlee well she just seems to follow the mood of the house.

For us I have decided that planning things that involve taking the kids anywhere after school is just a bad idea. We might visit the library one night a week but other than that we don't do anything. It cuts down on the frustration for me and they seem to know that this is what happens. I typically don't ask them to do any there "chores" (except for putting coats and shoes away and Caidan emptying his lunch bo) until after dinner. It really does help with the crankiness. I also try to have dinner ready at about 5:30. They eat sooner and then have a little more play time before getting ready for bed.

But that time sucks too because it feels like my most productive time... I know... I have all day to be productive. But if you have read my blog before you know that I am NOT a morning person. Nope not at all. And if I get woken up it just makes it worse.  I really have tried to be a morning person... but I am just convinced its not me. I have always done better getting things done at night. When I was growing up I would do school later in the day (I was homeschooled)... I could just think better. Maybe if I went to "real" school growing up I would be better at getting this done earlier in the day... haha who am I kidding?  I wouldn't. I really do believe that this is me... but it does make it frustrating.

Maybe that is why Kynlee doesn't go to bed till later and if Chris is home sleeps in till 10am. and then decides to do this at 10pm. :) She is a little stinker. I had to go for that once a year check up at my doctors and he wanted to see a picture of the kids... he looked and Kynlee and said "she looks like a shit!" Well he wasn't wrong... :)

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