Monday, January 16, 2012

Good bye week

This has been the longest week ever- (okay maybe not really the longest). Last Sunday like a week ago Kloe woke us up in the middle of the night because her ear was hurting. I knew (as probably all moms know) she has an ear infection. and since with our insurance we have to either go to our primary care doctor or the E.R. (and spend $150) I knew I was going to be taking her on Monday. I love love love our pediatrician. she has been with us since Caidan was about 8 months and I just think she is terrific and my kids really like her too. But Kloe, Kynlee and I were in and out of the doctors office in 15 minutes. And i was correct she had an ear infection. Poor thing.... got her antibiotics and I thought we were going to have a GREAT week. Ughhhh how I didn't know what was coming.
(this was Kynlee Wednesday night.... poor baby)
Kloe and Kynlee started coughing Tuesday. It wasn't a "horrible" cough but it didn't sound like a cough that had just started either. It was pretty nasty. Tuesday they both seemed alright other than the cough... But then here came Wednesday... Kloe spikes a fever. Kynlee was a little off. Not wanting to eat a lot.... (which is pretty unusual for her... she likes her food) and just not really wanting to sleep much other than like 20 minute cat naps. (and there isn't a lot you can do in 20 minutes.) And here comes Thursday... I knew this was going to be a rough day because 1. Chris had to work. 2. Kloe was supposed to go to school but because she was sick she didn't (and I hadn't told her.... my policy they don't ask I don't tell:)) 3. It SNOWED! I mean it snowed. The day before I was wearing flip flops it was 50/60 degrees.... B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I hate HATE H.A.T.E snow. Like I really think the devil makes the snow. And we got like 4-5 inches in a day. And I was STUCK!

(this is 2 hours of snow.... it did not look like this when I got up that morning!)

I can't stand being at home... i love my home... but I just like to be busy... (because if I am "busy" I can avoid all the things that I actually  need to get done in the house.) But sometimes I just need a scenery change. Or get my kids out so they don't drive me crazy (or any more crazy). Or sometime I know if Kynlee is having a bad day I can put her in the car and she will sleep. But this day there was nothing... nada... zilch! I didn't even step out of the house for anything.... it was weird... it felt like a really really really really really long night. I am pretty sure that if my kids weren't sick I would have gotten out of the house. I really don't care what the "weather" is like. And driving in the snow doesn't bother me at all.

Then Friday came and Kynlee spiked a fever. I called the doctors office. And the nurse just said to keep them hydrated and drugged up (haha not really but that would be great wouldn't it!) she just said I can give them Motrin. But I always rotate Motrin and Tylenol when they have high fevers. Kynlee slept okay for most of the day. A little off more than usual but nothing out of the norm for her being sick. Then bed time came and it just wasn't happening. Kynlee wanted nothing to do with her bed or anything. I tried sleeping out on the chair with her... but she loves to sleep on her stomach so she tries to twist and turn and twist and turn. I've tried my hardest to not let her sleep in the same bed as me but I had a feeling I wasn't getting around it tonight. I had tried twice to lay her in her bed and it ending in her throwing up... so I gave up. I put her bouncy seat on her bed and put her in... but she wasn't having that either. Little girl new exactly what she wanted. As soon as I laid her next to me she was out.... it didn't last long at all. But we slept better together than not at all.

So that all to say that I hope to never see that week again! (except now Caidan has come down with this nastiness.............................. sigh!)

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