Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kynlees' 6 month check

I can not believe that my baby girl is 6 months. Where in the world does 6 months go??? I felt like six months in pregnancy took FOREVERRRRR. And these past 6 months have gone by so fast. :(

At 6 months Kynlee-

15lbs 12oz. She is in the 10th percentile for her weight. (she should be my little peanut!)
26 inches. She did grow a lot in the past two months. But on average the doc said she is about 25th percentile for height.
42 1/4 cm head. which she is still 75th percentile for her head! :)

(a little side note--- I measured Kloes' head after the nurse left and hers is 44cm!- so i am not sure if Kynlee just has an extremely large head or if her body just needs to start catching up with her head?? :))

She is a healthy little 6 month old. She is doing all that she should be doing.

She sleeps about 10 hours at night (thank you God for answering my prayers). She takes anywhere from 2-5 naps a day never more than an hour. She can roll both ways. She eats any fruits or vegetables. She loves to sleep on her belly. She loves to put anything and everything in her mouth (I am in trouble). Her most favorite thing in the world is her Jumparoo.

She really is more than I could have ever imagined! God gave me the best gift!! :)

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